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Having a fully functioning computer and internet system in your workplace is essential to most industries. For a small business a properly set up PC and a few extras can make all work more efficient.


Tasks We Can Use a PC for include

  • Accounts
  • Letters And Invoices
  • Wages
  • Banking and Online Payments Of Suppliers
  • Keep Customer Details
  • Email
  • Ecommerce

Like any new skill computers do take a time and training to get used to, that is where TAS can help. Training can be given for any scenario and the system can be set up so any employ can access it. It is quick and simple to start you on your way.


Paper systems are okay, but most modern companies are now finding them redundant and replacing them with computers. Lots of clients these days insist on computer systems because they can be speedier and more reliable.


When a client needs an invoice resending, sorting through piles of paper, then faxing, can be time consuming and frustrating. With a computer system the file can be found almost instantaneously, and emailed without leaving the desk


We can train your staff not only the fundamentals to using a PC, but also more complicated tasks and the how to get the most out of your workplace desktop.


Purchasing Slow or unreliable computers is the biggest mistake a company can make. We could guide your company in the necessary upgrades or purchases to ensure good value and ensure an IT system has the greatest chance of being as productive and reliable as possible.


The key here is to ensure we get a good footing by making a thorough plan of the systems progress until it is fully working. Then we look at the ways we can incorporate this into everyone's work routine, and see what they can transfer to the computer


Our advice and support is simple and affordable so if your company is struggling to get to grips with their technology let us give you a helping hand. Email us at to get started today.

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